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Golf Mind Coaching Workshop by Dr.Lingappa S Yuvaraj

At the Golf mind coaching workshop, You will be able to learn the mental techniques successfully used by World’s greatest Golfers. Learn the secrets to the revolutionary system of improving your mental game of Golf. The workshop is specifically structured to give you tools and techniques you can take instantly on to the Golf Course.

Benefits Of Golf Mind Coaching

  • How To Attain Supreme Confidence
  • How To Master Laser Like Focus
  • To Get Crunch Time Composture At Will
  • To Recover From Bad Shot
  • How To Stay Positive On The Golf Course Always
  • To Handle The Pressure And Use As Motivation
  • To Develop Preshot Routine As A Ritual
  • To Concentrate On Pregame Routine
  • To Visualize The Shots Which Are Most Important
  • Effective Goal Setting With Smart Method
  • To Be Motivated During Practice And Game
  • To Develop World Class Positive Self Talk

Credentials of Dr. Lingappa S Yuvaraj

  • Golf Mind Coach, UK
  • Sports Hypnotist, USA
  • Mental Game Instructor, USA
  • Motivational Weight Management Speaker
  • Art Of Living trained
  • Physician 30+ Years

Feedbacks from Golfers about the sessions

This session was a mind opener … I was always aware of the mind power but this session has made me aware of how mind can be channelized to improve your golf and life

– Mr. Sandeep Malhotra

Great session enjoyed it thoroughly … Got some very interesting insights on relaxing, visualization, positive thoughts, etc. … Great work Doctor, keep it up

-Mr. Manikkan

Felt very good and positive … Strongly feel my game can improve, Very inspiring and motivating

-Mr. Gurupal Sachdev

Very inspiring session … A must for all golfers and young people

-Dr. Chetan Desai

It was a pretty good session … The tips and tricks he told how to control our nerves when we play on the course … It will surely help me in the golf tournament I play after this

-Mr. Ronil Kakodkar

Dr. Yuvaraj, the session was very inspirational … Taught too many ways to lead through in all the phases of life, be it in a game or the personal life … Thanks Golfnext for bringing Dr. Yuvaraj to guide us through

-Mr. Kashyap Sejpal

Dr. Yuvaraj has brought great sense and put some belief of day to day life into correct perspective Leave sports aside his pointers are for day to day life itself

-Mr. Chetan Shah

It was indeed very effective and interesting … It was very structured workshop Conducted in a very thoughtful way … Tailor-made for golfers

-Mr. Bipin Shah

Amazing very inspiring … An answer to most of the questions a golfer has

-Mrs. Kajol

Very helpful and motivating … It will help me overall to improve my life

-Mr. Gawade Bharat

It has been an exceptional experience and it has changed my whole perspective towards life and golf

-Mr. Akash Modi

Dr. Yuvaraj did an excellent job in Mind Coaching and his tips were very valuable Hope to start using them and give you a positive feedback soon

-Dr. Rakesh Nair

The mind programme seemed to be very useful thing for a stable mind and a concentrated game Doctor has explained the points very properly with examples and the exercises are very helpful

-Miss Lima Potdukhe

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